How I use Pinterest to SAVE money...

How I use Pinterest to SAVE money...

The beauty of Pinterest is in the discovery of the new and inspired.  Part of what I have come to love about Pinterest is the ability to find new ideas for how to style what I already have in my wardrobe.  Want your outfits to be relevant in Fall & Winter of 2022?  Want to know what you would like to be wearing during Spring & Summer of 2023?  How do I know that wide leg cropped pants are all the rage? How do I hear that the Birkenstock Boston's are the go-to shoe of the season???  Pinterest is the place to get your inspiration. 

Need new life breathed into your home?  Want to see the newest decor and house styles? I have learned how to thrift or antique older things as an addition to my house.  

Need to figure out some fun things to make for meals? I learn how to cook or bake new things, or I improve old recipes. It's the perfect spot to be creative with what you have. 

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