• Kat & Jenn Hervey

    Co Owners

    About Kat: She is 100 percent stoke. She’s never met a stranger, and if you get the chance to chat with her, it’s as if you’ve been friends for years. The visionary of the company, she’s full of ideas and possibilities (and 5 to 30 year plans). Nothing is impossible—the sky’s the limit and she won’t stop till we’ve gotten there. Social media, marketing, branding and more are her wheelhouse. When she’s not interacting with companies for collaborations or responding to DMs, she’s playing hockey, training for a race, meeting a friend for coffee, or texting you to ask how your heart is doing. About Jenn: She would rather measure 1,000 times before cutting to get it right. She will never give you second best, always first—without question or doubt. She will teach herself most anything as a jewelry designer, and just has "it" when it comes to ideas and trends. She is content to have a cozy day at home, but loves hitting the streets of New York just as much. She will always send the most thoughtful packages at the most needed times. She buys two of every amazing thing so that you don't miss out. She is the caution, the calm, the brains to the team. She is the mind behind the branding, the packaging, every excruciating detail of the aesthetic that you see as Freed Outfitters. Every necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet that you have personalized was made by this gal, with love. She is the artist, the creative spirit, the designer, the maker, the producer. This. Is. Jenn.

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American Express
November 12, 2019
How To Be a Better Collaborator

4. Do unto others as, well, you know… The best way to collaborate with a business partner is arguably to be the type of partner you would like to work with. Katherine Hervey runs a small minimal jewelry and apparel business called Freed Outfitters with her sister-in-law, Jennifer Hervey. “We are co-owners of our business; we operate design, shipping and receiving, social media, marketing and finance. We also donate a portion of our profit to an orphanage in India called Mason's Place, which was started in the memory of one of our dear friends' son," she says. Hervey and her sister-in-law both work from their homes in Tennessee and Idaho respectively while their kids are in school. They have certain guidelines that they both adhere to—their families come first, and the work comes second. That doesn't mean they aren't constantly working (“We keep to-do lists, write down ideas, meet over the Marco Polo app and text and email at night," Hervey says), but they always respect each other's family time. While the sisters-in-law don't always agree on everything—no business partners do—Hervey says that “the most important thing about working together as business partners is putting each other first and keeping lines of communication open, while [being] truthful, humble and kind. Nothing that gets done within a business is worthwhile if we step on each other in the process." By being a better collaborator, you're more likely to be a better business partner running a better business.


  • Mason's Place


    Freed Outfitters is blessed to be able to donate a portion of their profits to Mason's Place Orphanage in India. It is home to 102 girls, 14 staff members and includes a school with 167 students. It is a refuge for those children who are orphaned, abandoned, and left facing a life of victimization, enslavement, abuse and harm. This is so much more than buying jewelry and donating to charity. It is changing the world, one person at a time.




This bracelet feels like it has become a part of my identity. If I am not wearing it, I feel like I am missing something. The leather is soft and forms to your wrist easily that you don't really realize you're wearing it.


As soon as I saw Freed's new monogrammed brass cuffs, I knew they would make the sweetest going-away keepsake for my best friend and I (I'm moving to a different state). I had them personalized with the day we first met, and the monogram is precise but perfectly bespoke. The brass is beautiful, and the cuff is the perfect size--not to mention great for stacking with other bracelets. I am so thankful for Kat and Jenn, and the heart & soul they put into every piece they make. Because of them, my friend and I have beautiful mementos to celebrate our friendship from 1,000 miles away--bracelets we both adore and never want to take off. Thank you Freed!!



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