Make a bold or minimal statement with our handmade leather cuff or wrap bracelet.  Pair it with our personalized gold, silver or brass cuff bracelets, engraved with meaningful words, dates, or coordinates.  Made by us in the USA.
  1. Personalized Cuff
  1. Personalized engraved minimal brass bangle bracelet
  1. Bar Bracelet
  1. Tan Bend minimal leather cuff bracelet
  1. Minimal apricot color Emma leather cuff bracelet with bold large ring
  1. Leather wrap Nolen bracelet
  1. Minimal Nelson cuff bracelet
  1. Minimal leather wrap bracelet
  1. Gresham White Leather Wrap Bracelet with Large Brass Ring
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  1. Dark Brown Leather Wrap Braided Bracelet with Small Brass Ring
    Sold Out
  1. Moscow braided leather bracelet
  1. Black Nash braided wrap bracelet
  1. Minimal leather wrap bracelet tortoise shell ring
  1. Gift Card