Keep your get-ready routine simple with minimal, delicate necklaces that layer beautifully, complement any outfit, and also make a subtle statement for a hint of edge.
  1. Minimal love note heart coin necklace
  1. Courage dear heart Aslan lion coin necklace CS Lewis
  1. Micro coin personalized custom initial necklace
  1. Bar Necklace
  1. Minimal gold choker necklace
  1. Gold link minimal necklace
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  1. Minimal micro star personalized necklace
  1. Minimal hope coin necklace
  1. Gold minimal crescent necklace
  1. Minimal gold triangle necklace
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  1. Minimal tube necklace
  1. God and Country Necklace
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  1. Large Coin Necklace
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  1. Tennessee Tristar Necklace